Paid Advertisment

Paid Advertising

Remember! These advertising platforms want you to overspend. They make it easy to sign up and get started, but they make it difficult to master. This means you will be throwing money away.

Without carrying out thorough research into when, where and who to display your adverts to, it is very easy to overspend, lowering your return and increasing spending.

Knowing all the settings and doing the research is a must to get the best return on your paid advertising campaigns.

Google & YouTube Advertisements

Otherwise known as Google Adwords, this is the most well known PPC (pay per click) platform, and as Google owns YouTube it falls under the same category, this is when you see adverts above organic search results and appearing at the bottom of YouTube videos.

- Very specific targeting options, from location, age and sex to people that are looking or have searched for similar services in the past

- Appear above organic search results

- Only pay when someone clicks on the advert

Facebook Advertisement

Facebook advertising is very effective if done correctly, however, if not setup properly it can get very expensive for a low return. Methods such as setting up a landing page with unique offers for Facebook campaigns and limiting product options are some good tactics to help increase conversions.

- Extremely targeted options

- Still cheaper per click than Google Adwords

- Increasing market

Instagram Sponsored Posts

Similar to Google owning Youtube, Instagram is owned by Facebook, although advertising on both platforms can be managed from the same place each should be approached separately. Instagram has seen massive growth in users recently and its increasing at a very rapid rate, a picture is worth a thousand words and depending on your product or service Instagram can be a very powerful marketing tool

- Good control over spending

- Image Design is very important for engagement with this option

- Better for some industries than others

There is a difference between doing something and doing it right...

Paid advertising options are a must for any business, they are becoming more and more powerful as traditional markinetg options such as magazine and radio decline. However knowing the best methods and tricks, while doing the necessary research into each business and service is very important to get the best return and to not waste money.

Other paid marketing options and features that are also very powerful and depending on your product and service can even benefit your business more are:

- Retargeting - this is when you target users after they have visited your website through multiple channels, its said a potential client has to see your business up to 16 times before making a decision, retargeting makes sure that happens

- Blog/Website Advertising - Another very powerful option, depending on your product or service displaying an advert on a site closely linked to your business or industry can increase customer flow massively.

- News & Publicity - Another powerful option, bringing your business the attention it deserves and highlighting your businesses best qualities gives you brand awareness, authority in your industry and a good reputation.

These are just a few of the main paid advertising that you need to beat your competitors, using the best methods and most effective platforms for your business is key