Digital marketing is the fastest growing marketing sector, with people searching for products & services online more and more if you want to be seen by these people you need to be advertising your business online.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, there is both on site and off site SEO, this basically means optimising a website to appear higher in search engines results, this has changed a lot recently to take into account a lot more factors than in the past so now the term SEO is a bit of a broad term which actually doesn’t explain very much.

Factors Such as:

Social Proof – Pages and conversation about your business

Website Authority – Is your site the best place for the customer

Reputation – do you have visible reviews

on site SEO – is your site worded correctly for your target market

Content – is your content good quality

These all play a part in your website becoming more visible online. For a more in depth explanation click here: https://qube.digital/reputation-visibility/

This is a very common question, there is not one answer as each business and area are different, factors such as competitor strength & volume, your current status and demand for your services all factor in. However, results start from the 2 week mark and visible improvements should be seen consistently each month.

How long is a piece of string, often people want a quick answer, any business that can fire of an answer without asking any questions or doing any research is not going to do it right that’s for sure. If you think of most businesses from builders to dentists, you will need to provide them with some information before they can give you the cost. However our services start at €150.

PPC stands for pay per click, this is the main payment method when using paid advertising channels, platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube all use this form of paid advertising. Your advert will be displayed in people for example in peoples social media feeds or before YouTube videos, then when a user clicks your advert you pay for that click (costs per click vary anywhere from 0.01 cents to €100+ depending on area and service) You can control exposure and target users by demographic giving you the control over your spending. This can be very effective if done right, if done wrong you will be throwing a lot of money away for the return. For more information click here: https://qube.digital/paid-advertisment/

A lot of companies give very vague predictions such as between “1-10 months for results” they don’t even give a description of what results, although there is a certain unpredictability due to our experience and previous results we can give you an expected results timeline from as early as month 1 giving you a rough guide on what to expect, this can only be provided after extensive research has been done.

Yes, the beauty of marketing online is data, you can track most things, using this data to tweak and constantly improve your marketing strategise means more customers at a cheaper rate, making your marketing more and more efficient as time goes on, not only can you track different campaigns but you can see who is visiting your site, when they are visiting and how they are finding you, this knowledge can help identity weak spots and capitalise on strategies that work.

This is a very complex question, search engines such as Google are constantly changing and tweaking the way they decide who is relevant to the users search term, search engines work on a kind of respect/trust basis. When a user searches for something, Google is looking to find the most suitable answer for that user:

Is the search term featured in your website?

Do other websites recommend your website for that question?

Are you an authority in that subject?

Do you have social proof backing up all of the above?

These are some of the main factors that are always considered.

There are a number of reasons why some people may be getting many spam emails advertising this type of service, as this service can be done remotely from anywhere in the world many emails are coming from multiple countries, add to that the industry is relatively young and can be quite hard to understand, while some are genuinely offering a good service a lot of scammers try to capitalise on the need for the service added to the lack of knowledge in the industry. You have to always remember there are only 10 spaces available on the first page of search engines not everyone can get you there.

Yes, of course you an do this yourself, like anything it takes a lot of time, energy, work and while learning the basics can be done quite quickly, mastering it takes a lot longer.

Depending on your business and future plans will determine whether its worth learning yourself or using a company. We encourage learning the skills and this is why we offer marketing consulting service, however for some busy business owners its just not worth learning. For more information click here: https://qube.digital/marketing-consulting/

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